Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

Ethyl Corporation (Retired) (EY.X)

Thomas E. Gottwald, Chief Executive Officer and director of the Corporation, is a son of Bruce C. Gottwald, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation. The members of the family of Bruce C. Gottwald may be deemed to be control persons of the Corporation.

On February 1, 2002, Bruce C. Gottwald made a loan to the Corporation in the amount of $18,640,000 for a three year term at an interest rate of 8.5%. The monthly payments are interest only during the term of the loan, with the principal amount coming due at maturity. The Corporation used the proceeds of the loan to pay down existing debt. The loan is non-recourse to the Corporation and is secured by a first deed of trust on the three buildings at 330 South Fourth Street, Richmond Virginia, that constitute the principal offices of the Corporation. An independent appraiser valued the three buildings at $18,640,000. At the end of the loan term, the Corporation has the option to either convey the property to the lender in satisfaction of the debt or repay the debt. Should the corporation fail to repay the debt, the lender has a "call" right by which the lender can require that the Corporation convey the property to the lender in satisfaction of the debt.

In 2001, Old Town, LLC, which is owned by Bruce C. Gottwald and his brother Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr., each a beneficial owner of more than 5% of the Corporation's common stock, purchased Old Town Farm, consisting of approximately 1,600 acres of real property and related personal property, from the Corporation. The Corporation manages and maintains Old Town Farm in exchange for the right to use and make available for use by others the farm's facilities, primarily for customer meetings and other business related activities. The Corporation retains all revenue generated through the use of the farm. Old Town, LLC, pays all costs of capital improvements to Old Town Farm.