Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

Great Plains Energy Incorporated (GXP)

3/20/2006 Proxy Information

Great Plains Energy and certain of its subsidiaries had certain relationships and transactions with Morgan Stanley or its affiliates (collectively, “Morgan Stanley”) in 2005. Morgan Stanley is one of sixteen lenders under both a $550 million revolving credit agreement with Great Plains Energy, and a $250 million revolving credit agreement with Kansas City Power & Light Company (“KCP&L”). Both of these credit agreements terminate in December 2009. KCP&L and Strategic Energy, L.L.C. (“Strategic Energy”), entered into transactions with Morgan Stanley in the normal course of business regarding physical and financial electricity transactions totaling approximately $20 million in 2005. KCP&L also sold about $5 million in sulfur dioxide emission allowances to Morgan Stanley in 2005.

3/21/2005 Proxy Information

Great Plains Energy, through Innovative Energy Consultants Inc. (IEC), a subsidiary, completed in May 2004 its purchase from SE Holdings, L.L.C. (SE Holdings) of an additional 11.45% indirect interest in Strategic Energy, L.L.C. (Strategic Energy) for $88.8 million, excluding transaction costs. The purchase increased Great Plains Energy’s indirect ownership of Strategic Energy to just under 100%. Richard Zomnir, who resigned as Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Energy in November 2004, and certain other current and former employees of Strategic Energy held direct or indirect interests in SE Holdings. Mr. Zomnir disclosed he held an approximate 25% interest in SE Holdings. SE Holdings now owns less than 1% of Strategic Energy.

A suit for breach of employment contract and violation of the Pennsylvania Wage Payment Collection Act was filed against Strategic Energy, SE Holdings and others on March 23, 2004, in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. SE Holdings and its current owners (including Mr. Zomnir) have agreed to indemnify Strategic Energy and others against any judgment or settlement of the claim that relates to an interest in SE Holdings for approximately $8 million

3/22/2004 Proxy Information

Great Plains Energy through its affiliates holds an 89% indirect ownership position in Strategic Energy, L.L.C. (Strategic Energy). SE Holdings, L.L.C. (SE Holdings) owns the remaining 11% indirect ownership position in Strategic Energy. Richard M. Zomnir, President and Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Energy, and certain other employees of Strategic Energy hold direct or indirect interests in SE Holdings.

SE Holdings has a put option to sell all or part of its 11% interest in Strategic Energy (Put Interest) at any time within the 90 days following January 31, 2004 at fair market value. On February 9, 2004, a letter agreement was entered into setting forth a procedure for determining the fair market value of the Put Interest (Letter Agreement). The Letter Agreement provides for SE Holdings to exercise its put option with respect to all but one unit (0.00001% of issued and outstanding units) of each of its respective series of ownership interest.

The Letter Agreement further provides that Mr. Zomnir will remain with the company through the closing of the transaction anticipated for mid-April subject to obtaining all necessary regulatory approvals. Upon the consummation of the transaction, Mr. Zomnir will resign.

3/21/2003 Proxy Information

On November 7, 2002, Innovative Energy Consultants Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Plains Energy, merged with Environmental Lighting Concepts, Inc., with Innovative Energy Consultants continuing as the surviving corporation and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Plains Energy. At the time of the merger, Gregory J. Orman was Executive Vice President-Corporate Development and Strategic Planning of Great Plains Energy and owned approximately 67% of the stock of Environmental Lighting Concepts. Environmental Lighting Concepts' only significant asset was a 5.8% indirect ownership interest in Strategic Energy, L.L.C., an indirect subsidiary of Great Plains Energy, and the merger increased Great Plains Energy's indirect ownership in Strategic Energy, L.L.C. from approximately 83% to approximately 89%. On the date of the merger, Mr. Orman received $10.07 million from Great Plains Energy for his interest in Environmental Lighting Concepts in the form of 258,917 shares of Great Plains Energy common stock, valued at $5.34 million, and a short-term note for $4.73 million which was subsequently paid on January 2, 2003.