Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc. (NATRE)

4/3/2005 8K Information

Since January of 2006, Mr. Bowen has been a consultant to the Audit Committee serving as a member of the Special Committee overseeing the ongoing internal investigation regarding the Company. However, upon election to the Board and appointment to the Audit Committee, Mr. BowenÕs consulting relationship terminated. In connection with his consulting role, Mr. Bowen entered into a consulting agreement with the Audit Committee, the Company and Hansen. Pursuant to the consulting agreement, Mr. Bowen is entitled to receive $200 an hour for his services and receive reimbursement for expenses. Mr. BowenÕs total consulting fees are estimated to be less than $20,000.

4/20/2005 Proxy Information

The following individuals are immediate family members of the Board of Directors or Executive Officers and are currently employed by the Company. (See page 20 of proxy for table).

4/15/2004 Proxy Information

Kristine F. Hughes was a co-founder of Hughes Development Corporation, a predecessor of NSP, and has served as an officer or director of NSP and/or its predecessors since 1972. Also, she is the wife of Eugene L. Hughes, one of our founders and directors.

Pauline T. Hughes Francis was a co-founder in 1972 of Hughes Development Corporation, a predecessor of Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc., and has acted as a consultant from time to time to Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc. and its predecessors.

4/11/2003 Proxy Information

Eugene Hughes is the husband of Kristine F. Hughes.