Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

Standard Register Company (The) (SR)

3/21/2006 Proxy Information

John Q. Sherman, a director of the Company, has represented A. Rifkin Company as an independent manufacturer’s representative since 1985. A. Rifkin Company supplies certain security bag products to the banking industry. One of the customers to which Mr. Sherman represented A. Rifkin Company from 1985 to 2005 was The Fifth Third Bank (“Fifth Third”). Fifth Third’s trust department holds shares in the Company as disclosed in the “Voting Securities and Principal Holders” table. Fifth Third was a customer of A. Rifkin Company for many years prior to 1985, as well. In 2005, A. Rifkin Company’s revenue from Fifth Third was approximately $177,000, on which Mr. Sherman received a sales commission. In 2004, Mr. Sherman also began to directly sell certain transfer cases to Fifth Third, under a written agreement that runs through August 2007. In 2005, these direct sales resulted in approximately $32,600 of gross revenue to Mr. Sherman.

In October 2005, the Company’s contracted with Fifth Third to provide a broad range of services to Fifth Third, including purchasing, inventory management, fulfillment, distribution and other services in addition to its traditional role of supplying printed materials. As part of this expanded relationship, the Company assumed responsibility for sourcing and purchasing for Fifth Third the products provided by both A. Rifkin Company and Mr. Sherman. In late 2005, therefore, the Company began to purchase these items from A. Rifkin Company and Mr. Sherman for resale to Fifth Third. In future years, the resulting revenues and commissions to Mr. Sherman from the Company are expected to continue in approximately the same amounts.

The Company sells Fifth Third printed products, banking documents, and services, in the ordinary course of business and on terms and conditions similar to those offered other Company customers.

3/23/2005 Proxy Information

Roy W. Begley, Jr., and John Q. Sherman, II, are first cousins

Deceased co-founders of the company, John Q. Sherman and William C. Sherman, extended family members include: William P. Sherman, Mary C. Nushawg, and James L. Sherman (children of John Q. Sherman); Helen Margaret Hook Clarke (niece of William C. Sherman); director and member of the Compensation Committee Roy W. Begley, Jr.; director and chair of the Compensation Committee F. David Clarke, III; and director, member of the Compensation Committee, and Presiding Director, John Q. Sherman, II.

3/19/2004 Proxy Information

Paul H. Granzow is a co-trustee of the John Q. Sherman Trusts (named after late Standard Register founder, John Q. Sherman).

Roy W. Begley, Jr. and John Q Sherman, II are first cousins.

3/17/2003 Proxy Information

Roy W. Begley, Jr. and John Q Sherman, II are first cousins.