Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

Teradyne, Inc. (TER)

4/21/2006 Proxy Information

Mr. Tufano, who joined the Teradyne Board of Directors in March 2005, became Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Solectron Corporation (“Solectron”) in January 2006. In the ordinary course of business, Teradyne has for the past 10 years purchased printed circuit board assemblies from and also sold in-circuit testers to Solectron. In 2005, Teradyne purchased $153.1 million of printed circuit boards from Solectron and had in-circuit tester sales to Solectron of $5.7 million. Teradyne believes that these purchases and sales were made on terms and conditions that were fair and not less favorable to Teradyne than could have been obtained from unaffiliated parties. In addition, Teradyne’s Board of Directors has concluded that Mr. Tufano does not derive a direct or indirect material interest in the business relationship between Teradyne and Solectron. Teradyne expects to continue its business relationship with Solectron in 2006 on similar terms.

Mr. Chamillard has served as Chairman of Teradyne, Inc. since May 2000, was Chief Executive Officer from May 1997 until May 2004 and served as President from January 1996 until May 2003.

4/19/2004 and 4/18/2005 Proxy Information

No related party transactions or special relationships reported for this company. Director relationships marked "Outside Related" at this firm will most often be former executives of the company. Additional information regarding these relationships will be added during our regular updates.

4/22/2003 Proxy Information

Compensation Committee Interlock and Insider Participation

Messrs. Bagley, Hibbard, Testa and Vallee and Ms. Wolpert comprised the Management Compensation and Development Committee for fiscal year 2002. Dwight H. Hibbard served on the Management Compensation and Development Committee until his retirement from the Board of Directors of the Corporation in May 2002. Richard J. Testa, a partner of the law firm of Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault, LLP in Boston, Massachusetts, served on the Management Compensation and Development Committee until his death in December 2002. Following Mr. Testa’s death, the Management Compensation and Development Committee and the Stock Option Committee were, pursuant to Board approval, combined to form the Compensation Committee. Messrs. Bagley and Vallee and Ms. Wolpert are the current members of the Compensation Committee. Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault served as counsel for Teradyne during the fiscal year 2002 and Teradyne expects to retain the services of such firm for the fiscal year 2003.