Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

Tower Automotive, Inc. (Retired) (TWR.X)

4/16/2004 Proxy Information

S.A. Johnson serves as Chairman of Hidden Creek Industries. During 2003, we made payments to Hidden Creek Industries for certain acquisition related assistance, such as initiating contacts, due diligence, financing, contract negotiation and modeling, and for various other management services, totaling approximately $800,000

James Lozelle served as Executive Vice President for Tower Automotive (with responsibility for Tower Automotive's operations in Milwaukee, WI and Roanoke, VA) from April 1997 to January 1999.

Scott D. Rued served as Vice President, Corporate Development of Tower Automotive, Inc., a manufacturer of engineered metal stampings and assemblies for the automotive industry, from April 1993 to April 2003.

4/23/2003 Proxy Information

During 2002, the Company extended a personal loan in the amount of $100,000 to Mr. Pitser. As of year end, the total amount of that loan was repaid, in full.