Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

VISX, Incorporated (Retired) (EYE.X)

4/9/2004 Proxy Information

Mr. Logan served as Chairman of VISX, Inc. (a medical device company) from November 1994 until his retirement in May 2001, Chief Executive Officer from November 1994 until February 2001 and President from November 1994 until February 1999.

4/17/2003 Proxy Information

On April 3, 2002, Director Gary Petersmeyer entered into a Consulting Agreement with the Company to assist in the development of consumer marketing strategies. Pursuant to the Consulting Agreement, Director Petersmeyer was compensated at the rate of $1,250 per day up to a maximum of $15,000 per month, plus reasonable expenses. In 2002, the Company paid Director Petersmeyer $114,125 under the Consulting Agreement. Director Petersmeyer's consulting arrangement with the Company concluded in February 2003.