Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

EOG Resources, Inc. (EOG)

3/29/2004, 3/30/2005 and 3/30/2006 Proxy Information

No related party transactions or special relationships reported for this company. Director relationships marked "Outside Related" at this firm will most often be former executives of the company. Additional information regarding these relationships will be added during our regular updates.

3/27/2003 Proxy Information

The Company and Enron Corp., which owned more than 5% of the Company's Common Stock during 2002, have in the past entered into transactions and agreements incident to their respective businesses. These transactions and agreements have related to, among other things, the purchase and sale of natural gas and crude oil, hedging and trading activities, and the provision of certain corporate services, including office space. During 2002, the Company paid Enron Corp. and its affiliates approximately $3.4 million in connection with transactions and agreements with such parties. Based on the Company's review of all matters related to Enron Corp. and its affiliates, the Company believes that Enron Corp.'s Chapter 11 proceedings will not have a material adverse effect on the Company's financial position.